Day 313: Sticky Lane

Sticky Lane is number 26 of the 100 places listed in Rude UK. It is a street in Hardwicke Greene, not for from Gloucester and the Severn River. Laetitia decided to take her group to Sticky Lane in the afternoon, but in the morning they did some hikes along the river and visited Worcester Cathedral.

There are few houses along Sticky Lane. It is lined with vegetation and has little traffic. As Laetitia and her group walked along enjoying the scenery and country air, she noticed a mother and a small boy walking ahead of them. As they walked through a secluded part of the road, the boy kept trying to stop and pick up what he thought were balloons, and each time he did so, his mother told him, “No! those are icky.” Laetitia soon understood and warned her group to watch where they put their feet. Later she presented the limerick of the day.

When they walk Sticky Lane, folks are picky
To avoid stepping on something icky
For it is very plain
That it’s a lovers’ lane
Where the teenagers go for a quickie.