Day 311: Tom Tits Lane

Today Laetitia took her group to another Bailey and Hurst site—Tom Tits Lane in Somerton, Somerset. Somerton is a small town with a large, picturesque market square. In the center of the square is an octagonal market cross with a roof. In the past, such market crosses (called “mercat crosses” in Scotland) were relatively common and ranged from ornate roofed structures, such as the one in Somerton, to more simple obelisks, spires, or crosses.

Tom Tits Lane is a cul de sac, a short, quiet street with attractive houses. Little was going on there, so Laetitia took her group to a pub for drinks before dinner. The bartender told her a sad story about a family who moved away from Tom Tits Lane because of the unfortunate coincidence of their daughter’s name and street and the cruelty of school children.

Diane found it hard to explain
To the Rheas, her folks, what was plain
That when she walked about
Her classmates would shout
There’s Di Rhea, who’s from Tom Tits Lane.