Day 307: Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! isn’t actually a town. It’s a resort village. Its developers chose the name from the title of an 1855 novel by Charles Kingsley that was set in part in this area. Kingsley was a clergyman from Devon, educated at King’s College London and Cambridge University. Later he became a professor and novelist. He was an early proponent of the idea that Darwin’s idea of evolution was not incompatible with Christian belief. Westward Ho!, Kingsley’s novel about emigration from England to the New World, was especially prized for its vivid descriptions of South American scenery.

Laetitia took her group to Westward Ho! because the holiday village found its way into Bailey and Hurst’s Rude UK. This dubious honor was conveyed presumably because of a slang meaning of “ho.” She couldn’t find anything especially limerick-inspiring about it, but it was close to some nice beaches and other attractions.

The group spent much of the day hiking the nearby Torridge Estuary Rail Trail. As she was dropping the group off at the hotel in Barnstaple where they were spending the night, an elderly American woman whipped out a jar labeled “Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts” from her purse and said she planned to use it before the group reconvened for dinner. She said, “I saw it in a catalog from Vermont. Its advertisement showed a picture of a donkey, but I think it’s really intended for people.” Thanks to this woman, Laetitia didn’t need to make her traditional visit a pub before dinner to look for limerick material.

If your life’s like Kingsley’s Westward Ho!
Full of troubles that cause you great woe
Try “Tired Old Ass Soak”
It isn’t a joke
It’s just made for folks on the go.