Day 271: Sayers Sayings

It was time once again for another almost-day-off. The past evening, Laetitia and her grandmother had joined several of Laetitia’s friends for dinner, drinks, and conversation. As the meal progressed, the dinner talk drifted to gossip about who was sleeping with whom. As the discussion wore on, Laetitia’s grandmother suddenly quoted:

As I grow older and older
And totter toward the tomb
I find that I care less and less
Who goes to bed with whom.

She followed this quote from Dorothy L. Sayers with another: “I always have a quotation for everything. It saves original thinking.”

Laetitia’s grandmother wasn’t a prude. When she was out with “the girls,” they often had similar conversations, except theirs were usually about who slept with whom years ago in college. What provoked her grandmother’s outburst of intergenerational pique was that she knew none of the people Laetitia’s friend’s were talking about.

With the past evening’s events in mind, Laetitia opened the ornate door of the Emerald Victorian, wrote and posted the limerick of the day while the coffee was brewing, and settled into a comfortable chair in the library to read Sayers’Have His Carcase.

The gossip about sex sensational
Tends to be just a bit generational
Those who’re over the fence
Talk of love in past tense
Before they wore garments foundational.