Day 264: Climax Springs Sings

Climax Springs is a village in central Missouri of some 80 residents that is now mostly a retirement community. It was named when a Mr. W. W. Hockman discovered a large spring when he was traveling through the area in 1880 and is reported to have said, enigmatically, “This caps the climax.” Laetitia’s group on this day contained a relatively large proportion of young men, who joined perhaps because the village’s name suggested that there might be young girls here with bacchanalian propensities, but they were sadly disappointed. There aren’t many young girls in a retirement community of 80 souls, and those they did meet were staid religious types, and not the kind of girls they sought.

That evening they drove over to Lake of the Ozarks, about 30 miles away, where they had dinner and Laetitia presented the limerick of the day.

Those young girls who live in Climax Springs
Our young men thought would go on wild flings
Of feral delight
But drear was their plight
For the girls only went on Psalm sings.