Day 262: Bailey and Hurst

As she walked along Raglan Road, breathing in the early dawn air, Laetitia pondered what she should do next. Soon she would finish the western United States. Should she move next to the eastern United States, or take a break from places American and go next to the United Kingdom? She unlocked the ornately carved wooden front door of the Emerald Victorian and went into the kitchen. She always hesitated a few minutes in the kitchen as the coffee started brewing to enjoy the aroma before going into the library.

With the coffee on, she scanned the books on the shelves for one that might help her choose the next tour destination. When she returned to her chair with a steaming cup of hot coffee, she returned to the three books by Rob Bailey and Ed Hurst entitled Rude BritainRude UK, and Rude World. As previously mentioned, each book contains 100 places with rude-sounding names. Bailey and Hurst leave it to the reader to either know or look up what is rude about the name. They simply present a photograph of a sign announcing the place, a brief description of the place and its location, and something about its name’s origin, which is often quite innocent. Before she finished her first cup of coffee, two things happened: First she decided to tour the United Kingdom after the western United States, and second, a limerick popped into her head.

I’m indebted to Bailey and Hurst
Who around the UK did traverse
Finding names that sound lewd
For their books titled “Rude”
That are perfect for limerick verse.

But that was enough of such thoughts for now. She was going to do Missouri next, then Arkansas, then the part of Louisiana west of the Mississippi River. In the spirit of Bailey and Hurst, she noted that Missouri had a town called Climax Springs. She made a note to do a tour there.