Day 261: Ultra-Light

Laetitia and her group went to the Kevin Burke Memorial Field in Anita, Iowa. The field is named for a Vietnam veteran from Anita who died trying to rescue several of his comrades-in-arms. They were going there because the Great Lakes Wing of the Commemorative Air Force was putting on an air show. The organization is dedicated to preserving and showing historic aircraft from World War II.

Most of the members of Laetitia’s group on this day were World War II buffs, who had a lively discussion focusing on the war and its airplanes during happy hour. Laetitia sat at the bar, and the bartender told her a story about a young man from nearby Adair whose plan to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by making love in an ultra-light airplane was thwarted when his proposed paramour said no. It became the limerick of the day.

When an amorous lad from Adair
Coaxed a lass to make love in the air
In an ultra-light craft
She said, “You must be daft
For you know there’s no room for a pair.”