Day 260: Pike’s Peak Leek

Today Laetitia’s group headed east again, and their destination was Pike’s Peak. Some of you might think that the group should be going west to Colorado, but the Pike’s Peak they’re heading for is in Iowa. Like the Pike’s Peak in Colorado, it was named for explorer Zebulon Pike. It is a bluff whose top is 500 feet above the confluence of the Mississippi and the Wisconsin Rivers that overlooks the Wisconsin countryside.

The tour bus stopped in McGregor, Iowa, and Laetitia went into a grocery store to pick up some food and beverages for a picnic lunch. While she was at the checkout, a breathless woman rushed into the store and headed directly for the produce section. Returning to the checkout, the woman, who was greeted as Deb, told the clerk that she had been in earlier to pick up ingredients to cook for a dinner party tonight. She arrived home and unpacked her grocery bag, only to discover that she had forgotten the leeks for the potato-leek soup she was preparing.

After lunch on the bluff in Pike’s Peak State Park, Laetitia took her group north to Effigy Mounds National Monument. The monument features earthen mounds in the shapes of stylized animals, humans, symbols, or religious figures built by native Americans during the Late Woodland Period (AD 350–1300). At dinner that evening Laetitia presented the limerick of the day.

Deb emptied her bag with a shriek
On return from a store near Pike’s Peak
The potatoes, she took
Called for by the cookbook
But alas, she did not take a leek.