Day 253: Draper in Newspaper

Laetitia and her group drove along the Niobrara National Scenic River in northern Nebraska on the way to Naper, where they were spending the evening. The National Park Service maintains two scenic stretches of the river, totaling 76 miles. The group spent most of the day hiking and viewing waterfalls and wildlife.

When Laetitia was searching the Internet at the Emerald Victorian for material for the day’s tour, she found that Naper, Nebraska, has the distinction of being listed on a website called Ghosts of America, presumably because ghosts have been sighted there. One of the links from the site is called Lies About Naper and leads to a site called Jokes and Lies. The latter website invites readers to submit lies about Naper, and includes, among others, submitted accounts of night sightings of a large orangutan, a ghostly pregnant woman walking a dog, and a glow-in-the-dark figure drinking fuel from a gasoline pump. In the spirit of making up lies about Naper, Laetitia made up the limerick of the day.

It befitted a lady named Draper
To go about draped in newspaper
To live up to her name
But it brought her ill fame
With the dowager ladies of Naper.