Day 252: Potter Otter

Laetitia and her group went to Potter, Nebraska, located in the panhandle, just north of the Colorado state line. It’s a village of around 400 people. They actually went through Potter and then south into Colorado to visit the Pawnee National Grassland in the South Platte River Basin. There they went hiking on a trail with spectacular views of the Pawnee Buttes.

Back in Potter at happy hour on another of her relentless quests for a limerick of the day, Laetitia was not disappointed. When she asked the bartender if the town had any interesting characters, he told her about Mel: “Mel is a bit of a geek who spends most of his time surfing the Internet. He’s never had much success with women. When George Bush was flown out to the USS Abraham Lincoln for his somewhat premature victory speech and photo op under the “Mission Accomplished” banner, there were rumors circulating on the internet that Karl Rove had had him wear some kind of codpiece under his flight suit to enhance his appearance of virility. Mel was definitely in favor of improving his own appearance of virility, so for a while after hearing the rumor, he was going to the town pool every day and swimming on his back with a pair of rolled up socks stuffed in the front of his swimsuit. It was probably a healthier activity than sitting in front of his computer, but he must not have reaped any benefits from it, because soon his was back in front of the computer again. Some guys just can’t win.”

The bartender’s story about Mel sounded to Laetitia like a tale somebody made up, perhaps a rumor, perhaps an urban legend (not that Potter is what could be called “urban”), but, true or not, it made an interesting limerick. Unlike the news media, Laetitia wasn’t ethically bound to check out the veracity of her material. However in the age of the infomercial, she wasn’t sure that the news media verified their news content anymore either.

Whenever he went in the water
Mel swam on his back like an otter
With socks stuffed in his pants
That he hoped would enhance
His attraction to ladies of Potter.