Day 251: Miller Thriller

McCook is a small city of about 8,000 inhabitants in Red Willow County, Nebraska. On the way to McCook, Laetitia and her group went to the Red Willow Reservoir and State Wildlife Management Area. Red Willow is one of the best areas for viewing black-tailed prairie dogs. It is also good for viewing a variety of waterfowl, in addition to both mule and whitetail deer.

When the group returned to McCook, they found that their hotel was near the Heritage Hills Golf Course, and most of the group decided to play golf. Laetitia didn’t want to play golf, so she walked several blocks to Elks City Park. On a bench in the park was a young teenager reading. The title on the cover page of the book read, Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer. Laetitia had read a review of the book. It was a thriller written for nine- to thirteen-year-olds by John Grisham. Laetitia introduced herself to the teenager and asked him about the book. He said his name was Bob, and that was the book was “way cool.” Several of his friends had read it and then passed it on to him. He said his parents really appreciated that he read books instead of playing video games or watching television. As Laetitia got up to leave, she happened to notice the running title at the top of the page Bob was reading. It read, The Rosy Crucifixion Volume 1: Sexus. Laetitia smiled as she walked away. She had her limerick for the day. The John Grisham cover was a disguise.

Bob’s parents were sadly mistook
When they praised him for reading a book
For it was Henry Miller
Disguised as a thriller
Passed around among teens in McCook.