Day 249: Red Cloud Crowd

Laetitia and her group headed north out of Jewell, crossing into Nebraska, headed for Red Cloud. The community is named after Ogalala Lakota Chief Red Cloud, who heroically fought a losing battle against European-American encroachment on Lakota lands. The city of Red Cloud has around 1,100 residents and was once home to novelist Willa Cather. The town, with names changed to protect the innocent, is the setting of several of her books. The Willa Cather Historic District includes her home and several nineteenth-century buildings that are described in her novels.

That evening at happy hour, the bartender gave Laetitia some gossip about a local couple whose penchant for al fresco romance got their neighbors’ attention. It became the day’s limerick.

Young Henry and June from Red Cloud,
Making love in the yard, were so loud
That all of the neighbors
Looked up from their labors
And, ‘round the fence, formed a large crowd.