Day 236: Red Oak Joke

The day’s destination for Laetitia and her group was Red Oak, Oklahoma, a town that is home to about 600 people. The original town site was on land later given to the Choctaw nation. It is said that the town was named for a red oak tree that grew in the center of that settlement. Later the town was moved eight miles away to be alongside what became the Rock Island and Pacific Railway.

The group visited Wister and Robbers’ Cave State Parks. Tradition holds that the cave in the latter park was a hideout at various times for the Jesse James gang and Belle Starr, but the legend has been difficult to verify. When Laetitia and her group did their walkabout, they met a local man who told them about a thin woman who wished to be better endowed but couldn’t afford breast implants. On a dare, she chose an affordable alternative and everyone in town had a good laugh.

When a lady who lived in Red Oak
Stuffed balloons in her bra as a joke
She was so well endowed
That she drew a large crowd
But lopsided, alas, when one broke.