Day 233: Gee Whiz

Laetitia chose San Antonio, Texas for her next tour. She met her group on San Antionio’s river walk, a legacy of the Works Progress Administration, built during the 1930s. The walk is beneath street level and is lined with shops, hotels, museums, restaurants, and other amusements. Her guests shopped and took pictures until lunchtime, when they went to a restaurant for Tex-Mex food. In the afternoon, the group visited the Alamo and had a drink at the bar of the Menger Hotel, where Teddy Roosevelt raised the Rough Riders. In her hotel room before dinner, Laetitia turned on the television to get a weather report. The picture that emerged on the screen was a local show from Dallas that was having a contest to pick the funniest home movie. The winner was a film of a baptism where the boy baby’s diaper slipped aside and he sent a stream of urine directly into the baptismal chalice. It gave Laetitia the limerick of the day. She presented it at dinner.

Said the mom of a baby from Dallas
Who peed in the baptismal chalice
“He is not to blame
For despite his good aim
He’s too young to have done it for malice.”