Day 232: Fife Strife

Laetitia never knew who would show up on her tours. When she chose to go to central Texas, she was surprised to find that this day’s group was comprised entirely of fishermen who wanted to fish on O. H. Ivie Lake, a reservoir noted for trophy bass. The group was very confident that they would catch enough fish for a shore lunch, so while they were fishing, Laetitia picked up the cooking oil and breading for the fish and some side dishes and beer to go with it. As they were enjoying the shore lunch and the beer that afternoon, a local fellow who joined the group had a story about a Hispanic Lothario from nearby Fife. He didn’t know the fellow’s name, but most people just referred to him as “Don Juan” because of his pursuit of risky affairs and his penchant for adultery. He led a dangerous life. Up until 1974, Texas law considered that murder committed by a husband of his wife’s lover, caught in flagrante, was justifiable homicide and carried no penalty whatsoever.

An amorous fellow from Fife
Led a life that was chock-full of strife
For he oft chose to bed
Ladies already wed
And then had to run for his life.