Day 229: Big Spring Fling

South of Amarillo is Big Spring, a small Texas city of 25,000 inhabitants. When the city was founded in the nineteenth century, it did in fact have a big spring, but that dried up long ago. The railroad came, the population increased, and a number of wells were drilled that lowered the water table. The city’s economy is based largely on farming and oil, although it has a prison and Veterans’ Administration Hospital and was once home to an Air Force base. Some of the opening scenes of the 1969 film Midnight Cowboy were filmed in Big Spring. Laetitia and her group spent the day hang gliding and, as was her custom, she found a stool at the bar of the motel where they were staying to have a drink and find grist for a limerick before meeting her guests for dinner. She was not disappointed. A rather wild wedding reception held by a local cowboy (and oilman) in a rented bar that had a mechanical bull was the talk of the town and became the limerick of the day.

A cowboy who lived near Big Spring
Went to town for his wedding night fling
And made love to his bride
On the robot bull ride
As the bar bash got into full swing.