Day 222: Tofurky Jerky

Laetitia took her group south from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, with a population of about 870,000. They went to Petroglyph National Monument and afterwards to Old Town, where they did a walking tour.

Tofurky wasn’t invented in Albuquerque; it just happens to rhyme with it. It was invented about thirty years ago by a former teacher-turned-vegetarian named Seth Tibbot, and is made by Turtle Island Foods of Hood River, Oregon. It’s a thriving business, but the product is not universally popular here in beef country. At the hotel bar during happy hour, a man who had had a few too many drinks was complaining about it ad nauseam, and it provided Laetitia with the limerick of the day.

A man who lived in Albuquerque
Was repulsed at the thought of tofurky
For to him soy protein
Was something obscene
And he vowed he would live on beef jerky.