Day 219: Pantyhose Rose

Laetitia and her group spent the day hiking in Black Canyon in the Gunnison National Park. The canyon got its name because its sides are so steep that they are mostly in shadow and have the appearance of being black. It’s a favorite destination for rock climbers, and Laetitia and her companions watched several rock climbing groups in action. In the afternoon, they arrived in nearby Montrose.

Montrose, Colorado, gets its name from a Sir Walter Scott novel called A Legend of Montrose. It is a historic novel set in Scotland in the 1640s during the English Civil War, when the Scottish Covenanters, who were mostly lowlanders, initially sided with Cromwell and the highlanders sided with King Charles I. James Graham, Fifth Earl of Montrose, began as a Covenanter and later switched to the Royalist side. He was an effective leader but was a victim of the shifting politics of the war. Montrose is a small city of about 12,000 inhabitants. The day’s limerick was gleaned from a conversation overheard during happy hour of a rebellious teenage girl who seemed to have a penchant for trying to lead priests into temptation.

A flirtatious teenager named Rose
Liked to worry the priests of Montrose
As she sat, legs askew
In the very front pew
In a short skirt and sheer pantyhose.