Day 217: Sally Dally

Boulder is a Colorado city of about 95,000 inhabitants located in the Boulder Creek Valley, a wide basin where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. It’s about 30 miles northwest of Denver. Laetitia and her group spent the day in Rocky Mountain National Park before returning arriving in Boulder in the afternoon.

According to Garrison Keillor, Minnesota is supposed to be the state where “all the women are strong,” but Colorado has its share of strong women as well. One such woman was Sally, who was a weight-lifting champion and had a ranch near Boulder. She wasn’t much to look at, and she preferred puny men. After she’d been in a bar for a while and had a few drinks, she’d pick out a man and help herself. The men probably could have had her charged with rape, but they were usually either too embarrassed to file a complaint or enjoyed the experience and considered it a badge of honor to have been chosen as one of Sally’s “victims.”

Young men used to give a cold shoulder
To Sally, a rancher near Boulder
‘Til she’d go way too far
Dragging them from the bar
When she had a few drinks and got bolder.