Day 205: Blunt Stunt

Approximately 21 miles from Pierre is Blunt, South Dakota, a town of about 400 people. Its most famous resident was William Mentor Graham, who, like Abraham Lincoln, grew up in Kentucky and moved to Sangamon County, Illinois. When the Lincolns moved to New Salem, Illinois, Graham became Lincoln’s teacher and tutor. When his wife died, Graham moved from Illinois, eventually settling in Blunt. Laetitia and her group visited the Mentor Graham Museum in Blunt, located in the house where he lived. Back in town during happy hour, the bartender told Laetitia a story that became the limerick of the day.

“There was a teenager in Blunt named Bill, who had built a punt (a flat-bottomed boat with a blunt bow) from a design he’d found on the Internet. He and his girlfriend Elaine hauled it over to the Missouri River to try it out. They were afloat on what they thought was a secluded part of the river, when they started getting amorous and became so enthusiastic that they tipped the boat over and had to swim ashore. As they walked up the bank through the trees without their clothes, they found out that they were actually in a park, and a family of picnickers from Blunt saw them as they emerged from the trees. Needless to say, word was all over town by evening.”

Bill thought it would be quite a stunt
To make love to Elaine in a punt
But they soon tipped it o’er
And swam nude to the shore
In front of picnickers from Blunt.