Day 204: Jiggle Giggle

The city of Pierre (pronounced “peer” by the natives) is the capital of South Dakota. It’s a small city of only about 14,000 residents located on bluffs above the Missouri River. It was founded in the late nineteenth century at the time of the Dakota gold rush. The town gets its name from nearby Fort Pierre, an American Fur Company post founded in 1832 and named after the company’s officer, Pierre Chouteau. Laetitia took her group to visit Fort Sully and the Fort Manuel Trading Post, followed by a trip to the Triple U Buffalo Ranch where Dances With Wolves was filmed. As they approached the restaurant where they planned to have dinner, they met a well-endowed older woman with the same destination who seemed to like knit dresses and dislike underwear. According to their waitress, she had been a bra-burner in her youth and viewed her attire as some sort of statement.

A buxom old lady from Pierre
Who in youth burned her only brassiere
Liked to walk through the town
In a knit evening gown
That made all she had very clear.