Day 203: Platte Spat

Platte is a South Dakota town of about 1,300 residents founded in the late nineteenth century. The town name comes from a fur trader, Bernard Pratt, who lived in the area. Somehow his name was misspelled in the official records, and the town name became Platte. There is a rumor that the registrar who made the mistake was Japanese, but that hasn’t been verified. Laetitia took her group on a picnic and day hike in the Lake Platte area before returning to the town for a walkabout. Small towns thrive on gossip. This one was no exception, and a local story provided the limerick of the day.

When Ron told Sue she was too fat
It started a loud verbal spat
She called him a drone
He called her a crone
‘Twas the gossip today around Platte.