Day 191: Fargo Embargo

In her comfortable chair in the library of the Emerald Victorian, Laetitia pondered what she should do next. Her plan was to tour the states west of the Mississippi River before moving on to the eastern states. East of North Dakota is Minnesota, but is it east or west of the Mississippi? Looking at her map, she decided it’s both, since Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi, is in Minnesota. South of Minneapolis, the river is the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, but north of Minneapolis, it crosses the state in a northwesterly direction so that most of the northern part of the state is east and the southern part west of the river. She decided to go to the part of Minnesota that’s west of the Mississippi River now, and do the part of the state east of the river when she did the eastern United States.

Her last stop in North Dakota was Fargo. It is perhaps better known today by the Coen Brothers movie of that name, rather than for any real attributes of Fargo itself. Several people in her group had joined because they wanted to see the setting of the film and were disappointed to learn that it was mostly shot in Minnesota, including the opening scene, which was actually shot at the former King of Clubs Bar in Northeast Minneapolis. There were also some tour members who wanted to see the wood chipper and look for the treasure that was buried somewhere in a field near the end of the film.

Winters in Fargo can be harsh, and Fargo residents who have the means and the time like to get away from the rude weather. Nell, whom Laetitia met as they were doing a walkabout in the town, was no exception.

Old Nell would have placed an embargo
On the cold winter weather in Fargo
Whose wind, ice, and snow
Were the reasons she’d go
To spend winters down south in Key Largo.