Day 187: Minot Besot

Laetitia and her group moved on to the Knife River Indian Village National Historic Site. The name comes from the knives made from the high-quality flint found in the area. The flint was much sought after for making weapons and tools and was widely traded throughout the Native American world of that time. The reconstructed village is on a site originally occupied by the Hidatsas. It was from a Hidatsa village that Sakakawea and her husband joined the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The group spent the night in Minot, North Dakota, where a conversation overheard in the lobby of their motel gave Laetitia the limerick of the day.

Young George always tried to besot
All the girls that he met in Minot
But he couldn’t hold liquor
And his mind would soon flicker
‘Til his conquest was quickly forgot.