Day 185: Pupu Cuckoo

Montana is a broad state, and it was late afternoon when Laetitia’s group arrived in Miles City, a town in the middle of cattle country. They went to a local restaurant for dinner. Anna, their waitress, brought them menus and took drink orders. While they were sipping cocktails, she waited on a man in western garb who was dining alone. As he placed his order, Anna broke out in whoops of laughter.

Laetitia and her group decided to have liqueurs after dinner. When she paid the bill, Laetitia asked Anna what the laughter was all about. Anna said, “Oh, that’s Jake. He comes in here a lot. I think he’s stuck on me. He was just back from a vacation in Hawaii and wanted to impress me with a new word he learned.” Back in the hotel, Laetitia presented to the group the limerick of the day.

When a Miles City cowboy named Jake
Ordered pupu along with a steak
Back home in Montana
His waitress, named Anna,
Laughed so hard that she thought she would break.