Day 181: Catwoman

Laetitia had just brought her group to the World Museum of Mining, in Butte, Montana, and the other members of the group were viewing the exhibits when a tour member named Charlie asked Laetitia for advice about his girlfriend, Helen.

Although her face might not launch a thousand ships, Helen was cute, and Charlie had fallen for her in a big way. After they started going out, though, he began to think she had some strange habits. Her favorite dating activity was for him to spend the evening with her in her apartment watching Batman movies and reruns, with her dressed as the Catwoman. Taking the cat suit off when they made love afterward created a sense of adventure, but Charlie drew the line when she wanted him to arrive at her place dressed as the Joker.

Once Helen told Charlie that her greatest desire was to own a custom cat-themed car like Catwoman. She’d invented a plan to capture Batman and hold him for ransom until he revealed who made the Batmobile, so she could persuade whoever that was to make her a Catmobile. She said she had studied enough Batman comics, movies, and reruns that she thought she could find the Bat Cave, but so far she had been unable to locate Gotham City. Except for the Catwoman fantasy, which apparently was their secret, Helen seemed more or less normal. She was a hard worker and held down a good job.

Laetitia didn’t relish assuming the role of an advice columnist, but she said, “As one who runs imaginary tours, I’d be the last person to criticize anyone who assumes an imaginary persona. Perhaps she just does it to keep you interested. After all, how many guys can say they have slept with Catwoman?” Just then Charlie’s cell phone rang. It was Helen, saying she was home from the library—where she had been looking for a map of Gotham City—and asking if he wanted to come over. Anticipating an evening of cat-themed fun, Charlie left the tour.

That evening the tour group had dinner at the Uptown Café, and Laetitia presented the limerick of the day.

When Charlie met Helen from Butte
He soon thought that she wasn’t astute
When she told of her plan
To capture Batman
But he went with her ‘cause she was cute.