Day 113: PooPoo Place

Sipping a cup of freshly brewed Kona dark roast, Laetitia browsed the books in the Emerald Victorian library looking for something else to do before she moved from Oahu to the other islands. She once again came across the three books from British authors Rob Bailey and Ed Hurst, titled Rude BritainRude UK, and Rude World. The authors had collected names—mostly from the United Kingdom, but some from around the world—that have rude-sounding place names. They provide whatever information they can find about each place and its name, and leave it to the readers to discover what is rude about the name if they don’t already know.

In scanning the books, she paid most attention to Rude World, which listed some places in Hawaii, including one in Oahu called “PooPoo Place.” She decided to take her group by PooPoo Place before touring Bernice P. Bishop Museum. At dinner that evening, she presented the limerick of the day.

A shy young teenager named Grace
Found her parents’ address a disgrace
‘Twas the name that did spoil it
For she thought of a toilet
When she came home to PooPoo Place.