Day 107: Hunt and Peck

County Louth was named after the Celtic pagan god Lugh, for which the Lughnasa festival is named, a celebration of the first fruits of the harvest. Louth is the smallest county in land area of all of Ireland and is sometimes known as “The Wee County.” It is an area rich in history and archaeology. Laetitia and her group visited several castles: Termonfeckin, Barmeath (which for a fee will arrange a romantic castle wedding), and Carlingford, a thirteenth century structure (now a ruin) overlooking Carlingford Lough.

Late that afternoon, Laetitia and her group did a walkabout in Termonfeckin, where they were spending the evening. On the way back to their hotel, she noticed the notebook that she kept for writing down limericks was almost full, so she sent the group on and stopped at a local store to buy another. Two women in line ahead of her were gossiping about a local scandal involving a young girl named Brynn and her boss, and it provided the inspiration for the limerick of the day. She wrote it in the old notebook. There were just enough empty pages left in it to finish Ireland. When she went to the western United States in a few days, she would start the new one.

When with her boss Brynn was caught neckin’
Folks gossiped around Termonfeckin
That the randy old jerk
Hired her as typing clerk
With typing skills “huntin’ and peckin’.”