Day 101: Gorse Tale

In far northern County Donegal, the Irish Sea makes a twenty-mile incursion inland, almost to the town of Letterkenny. More than ten miles inland but still in the Irish Sea is an island called Inch, connected to the mainland by two narrow causeways. Laetitia took her group there because the island is sparsely inhabited and is a great place for viewing wildlife, especially waterfowl. After a morning of observing flora and fauna, Laetitia and her group rented horses from the Inch Island Stables and went horseback riding. When they returned the horses, the groom had a story about a couple from the nearby hamlet of Glack in the center of the island. The couple sometimes rented horses there and became the subject of the limerick of the day.

A couple from Glack felt remorse
When they tried to make love on a horse
For their mount did soon stumble
Causing them both to tumble
And to land on a low hedge of gorse.