Day 86: Pool Fool

Today’s Mind’s Eye Limerick Tour destination is Kilrush, a heritage town with a rich maritime and market tradition in County Clare. As an alternative to the usual pubs and small restaurants where Laetitia generally took her tour groups for lunch, they went to a larger hotel that had a swimming pool and dined poolside.

While they were enjoying their food, a man staggered out of the bar and fell in the pool. The sight of a fully clothed man dog-paddling in the pool drew a crowd. When the hotel staff parted the crowd and pulled the man from the pool, he was pleading for something that Laetitia couldn’t quite make out. After the hotel staff had found dry clothes for the man and sent him home in a taxi, one of the staff told Laetitia what he was saying, and the story became the day’s limerick.

An old lush from the town of Kilrush
Vainly searched for the loo in a rush
And blind drunk, like a fool,
Staggered into the pool
Where he plaintively cried, “Please don’t flush.”