Day 77: A Few Ants Short of a Picnic

In the morning, Laetitia and her group went to Lough Boora Parklands. The remains a Mesolithic campsite were discovered there in 1977. The wetlands in the park provide excellent wildlife viewing. Returning to Birr, Laetitia arranged with the local flying club to take her group on a flight-seeing tour of the area. A short distance from Birr Aerodrome is Crinkill, a village that grew up around a nineteenth-century British army barracks. The group had drinks and later dinner at a pub in the village. A story heard in the pub provided the day’s limerick.

On the grass in a park in Crinkill
A young lass who’d shucked off her chenille
To make love to her swain
Quickly jumped up again
When she found she was on an anthill.