Day 72: Wide Load

Laetitia met her group in the small town of Kilmoganny, in County Kilkenny. During the orientation that she gave before they went off on a bicycle tour of the Kilmacoliver Loop, a very large woman on a bicycle named Franny stopped to talk to them. When Franny rode off, she went by a group of boys who shouted taunts at her. Laetitia couldn’t hear what they said, so she made something up when she posted the limerick of the day. She received an almost immediate email response from the central office of Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours pointing out to her that the word “fanny” has a different meaning in Ireland than it does in America. Laetitia looked up the difference and posted a correction and an apology of sorts in limerick form. Thus, this day has two limericks instead of one.

A buxom old biker named Franny
Amused young boys in Kilmoganny
As she sped down the road
They yelled, “Look out! Wide load!”
And then ducked to avoid her huge fanny.

The English tongue often plays pranks
For while “fanny” means buttocks to Yanks
In Ireland and Australia
It means genitalia
For your patience, I offer my thanks.