Day 71: The Butts

In County Carlow, not far from Kilkenny, is a place known as “The Butts.” Opinions on the derivation of the name vary. Mounds of earth used for archery practice are called butts, as are large casks. Three of Ireland’s national walking routes are in County Carlow, and Laetitia and her group hiked on the Blackstairs Mountain and South Leinster Way routes. On their walkabout in The Butts, Laetitia met a woman named Peggy, a Dubliner who had a weekend holiday home there. Her neighbors back in Dublin couldn’t understand why, instead of the seaside, she chose a place with such a rude name where so little happens. When she told them she liked the peace and quiet, they smiled condescendingly. Her story became the limerick of the day.

Though some neighbors thought Peggy was nuts
When quite vexed with her life’s many ruts
She went, suitcase in tow
Down to County Carlow
To a place that is known as “The Butts.”