Day 67: Golf Score

Lismore Abby was founded in the seventh century near the Blackwater River in what is now County Waterford. The name “Lismore” is derived from Lois Mòr, meaning great ring-fort in Gaelic. In the twelfth century, Lismore Castle was built on the site of the former monastery.

The castle was owned by Sir Walter Raleigh at one time, and was later purchased by the Boyle family. In 1627, Robert Boyle, the famous scientist for whom Boyle’s Law is named, was born in the castle. During the nineteenth century, the castle was rebuilt in its present Gothic style.

This is an area abounding with natural beauty and history, so Laetitia was a bit disappointed when she found that her group consisted entirely of golfers who had joined the tour so they could play golf at the Gold Coast Golf Course, about 10 miles away. True, it is a lovely course, with stunning views of the ocean, but golf courses weren’t Laetitia’s cup of tea. She arranged for the golfers to play, and while they were on the course, she spent her time drinking a Guinness at the 19th Hole and writing the day’s limerick, which for some unexplained reason happened to be about a golfer.

When a golfer who lived in Lismore
Did in ecstasy loudly shout “Fore”
His wife scolded that she
Had been short changed by three
And he’d just better even the score.