Day 62: Roll in the Hay

Once ensconced in the stuffed chair in the Emerald Victorian’s library, sipping and breathing in the aroma of her freshly brewed coffee, Laetitia decided to take her group on a tour by jaunting cart. The jaunting cart, or jaunting car, as most of the Irish other than her grandmother call it, is a traditional two-wheeled open conveyance with seats often placed lengthwise and pulled by a single pony. It was once a very common mode of transportation in Ireland.

It required a dozen carts to convey Laetitia’s group through the countryside. They enjoyed the light breeze and the fresh country air and stopped from time to time to admire a particularly lovely view. Laetitia’s driver was an older man who had a story about Bart, one of the younger drivers who was a ladies’ man. Bart had convinced a young lady who was traveling alone to go for an after-hours ride with him. Once they were underway and alone on a road flanked by hayfields, he tried to convince her to go for a “roll in the hay.” As it turned out, something spooked the pony and they did exactly that.

In the back of his fine jaunting cart
Did an amorous fellow named Bart
Attempt to tempt Mae
For a roll in the hay
Which both did when the pony did start.