Day 1,027: Mediterranean Cruise: Palma, Majorca.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. On the island of Majorca, they visited and toured the lovely old port city of Palma. Some local gossip was the source of the limerick of the day.

A Majorcan lady named Alma
Was once as enchantress of Palma
And folks could but guess
How many conquests
She’d had ‘fore she met her “embalma.”

Day 1,026: Mediterranean Cruise: Cagliari, Sardinia.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. They did a city tour of the beautiful old city of Cagliari in Sardinia that included its beaches, the cathedral, and the Elephant Tower. A query from one of her group that stemmed from the resemblance of Sardinia’s name to small tinned fish, spawned the limerick of the day.

“Must one eat sardines in Sardinia?”
Asked a callow young lass named Lavinia
“I like fish glazed with jelly
It’s sweet and less smelly
Like I have when I’m back in Virginia.”

Day 1,025: Mediterranean Cruise: Trapani, Sicily.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. On their tour of Trapani, Sicily, they visited a Baroque church called La chiesa delle Anime del Purgatorio, roughly translated as “The Church of the souls in purgatory.” A sculpture on an outer wall of a torso being consumed by flames warns those who might depart purgatory by the wrong exit.

At Trapani’s Church of Purgatory
For souls caught between Hell and glory
There are sculptures that show
What life’s like below
In images tending toward gory.

Day 1,024: Mediterranean Cruise: Naples.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. Naples claims to have invented pizza about a hundred years ago and UNESCO has put Neapolitan-style pizza making on its annual list of “The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” Thus, having pizza at a recommended local establishment was a must. Afterwards, Laetitia wrote the day’s limerick.

If you’re in Napoli for its eats, a
Treat you should try is wood fired pizza
Its aroma unique
Will your appetite pique
E’en before the first yummy bite greets you.