Day 1,031: Mediterranean Cruise: Marseille and Cassis

With the ship tied to the pier in Marseille, Laetitia and her group bussed to the small coastal fishing village of Cassis. There they boarded a small excursion boat for a tour of the village’s picturesque coastline. The secluded beaches and rocks were filled with nude sunbathers. The reaction of one member of Laetitia’s tour group inspired the day’s limerick.

On a Cote d’Azure boat ride, Denise
From her husband demanded surcease
From his penchant to stare
At the sunbathers bare
On the rocks near the town of Cassis.

Day 1,030: Mediterranean Cruise: Barcelona, Spain.

Laetitia’s tour in Barcelona, featured the works of the city’s famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. He had the good fortune of having a wealthy patron that allowed him to indulge his imagination without the usual financial constraints. He was deeply religious and designed Barcelona’s fascinating cathedral, still a work in progress.

Though the architect, Antoni Gaudi
Designed buildings religious not bawdy
As befits his persona
Folks in Barcelona
May view his creations as gaudy.

Day 1,029: Mediterranean Cruise: Valencia, Spain.

When Laetitia led a tour group in Valencia, Spain, that included the cathedral, the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia, she was surprised to find on display a chalice identified as the Holy Grail. Contradictory legends abound concerning the Grail that range from those of Arthurian legend to that of Dan Brown’s and these spawned a limerick.

When King Arthur’s knights searched for the Grail
In old England in many a tale
Valencians claim
‘Twas in Rome, then in Spain
So those searches were destined to fail.

Day 1,028: Mediterranean Cruise: Valldemossa, Majorca.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. On the second day in Majorca, they visited the small village of Valldemossa, where composer, Frédéric Chopin spent the winter of 1838/1839 in a former monastery in ValldeMossa, Majorca, with author, Amandine Dupin (George Sand). They were not popular with the locals. The parish priest denounced them because they were not married.

When came Chopin, the Polish composer,
To the Majorcan town, Valldemossa,
With his mistress, George Sand,
They’d a scandal at hand
Spawned by their affair frank, not.